Webcomic/Toons about Forum/Online Personalities?

Hi. This is vexing me and I figured ya’ll might recall the name/url of this thing. I remember a series of toons about internet/bbs personalities/stereotypes. They were single image toons with a paragraph-ish blurb of text explaining each, and there were quite a lot of them; perhaps a hundred or more.


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Because I posted about it in 2005 and have always loved it. (There are some claims that the stereotypes are a bit… overly female-critical… which I think is somewhat true.)

Also: ooh, balls, the guy’s site got taken over! All the original links are totally broken! maybe he lost the domain name! Damn! I’ll have to fix those via the wayback machine…

Which one of these describes you? I’ve been accused of being a Tireless Rebutter and Ferrous Cranus at times, but that’s because I am always right about everything. Obviously.

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That’s it! Thanks!

I’m a Profondus Maximus, surely, with a soupcon of Ferrous Cranus.