Internet greybeards and upstarts gather to redecentralize the Internet


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This exciting project might attract additional help and support as a wiki.


The IndieWeb community over at might be what you’re looking for? The site is a wiki. They do a lot of their discussion on IRC, then document on the wiki. While not mentioned in this post, I know they are in the mix.


Thank you! Alignment between social justice oriented coders and anti-poverty organizers is exciting. There are so many overlapping concerns and opportunities for sharing work in areas like tech literacy, remedying educational inequality, fair access to digital resources, etc. I will check the link.


Can we find a term other than greybeards to describe people in technology that have been involved a while? As a woman online since the mid '80s it’s discouraging to see the accidental misogyny on such an important headline. How does @xeni feel about that :stuck_out_tongue:


You make a very good point, Stacey. Thanks for bringing this up.

Do you have any ideas for a suitable alternative? I’d like to find one.


That’s a tough one. I know there’s been some acceptance of the word as a metaphor, but while I’ve come to accept terms like craftsman to be gender neutral, I still have trouble with greybeard. Elders? First-borns? Leaders? Venerable Netizens (Vetizens?)


“Elders of the Internet” may be somewhat more gender-neutral:


Hey let’s try and get Vetizens into the popular vernacular :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been thinking this over a while now. Whenever some corporation tries to break the internet, which is always it seems, I start to wonder at what point it becomes advantageous to start over. But maybe with strong crypto, it might not be necessary. TOR, for example, doesn’t require new hardware at all, (except nodes.)


Every time these kind of things come to mention, I am thinking about the novel Snowcrash.


But never forget the nodes need to be at a trusted place/host/machine. So…




Hackers like to get the same outcome with fewer steps so … “greybeards” to “greyhairs” in five keystrokes?


Yes! Good idea.


Or just “greys”?


Hey! You made it shorter! You must be a hacker. :slight_smile: I wonder if “silvers” or “silverhairs” might not appeal to some.


As opposed to those young httpsters.


Vetizens is perfect - gets my vote! (In my mind it means Veteran Netizens though.)


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