Before Robert Bowers killed 11 in synagogue, on Gab he offered to help a white supremacist hate group dox a journalist

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Good people on both sides…


I think the press treats him, frankly, unfairly. I mean, sure, he killed 11 people, but [REDACTED FOR THE SAKE OF MY SANITY].


I’ll bet he was despicable on a daily basis.


The tin foil hat expense must be staggering…


It’s weird to hear interviews where Torba falls back on the “The answer to bad speech is more speech!” defense when he pretty clearly is coming from the same place his neo-Nazi users are and doesn’t consider what they’re saying to be bad in the first place (and which is why there’s no counter-speech on Gab).


Gab often blocks its critics on Twitter and rails against journalists.

And that’s the point. It’s never been about FREE speech, it’s about THEIR speech uber alles. They want the unfettered right to spew hate, anger, and violence while suppressing any speech that opposes them. They don’t want a healthy debate (and there really is no debate to be had about their views, frankly), they just want to be able to freely recruit new members and build their army up for their wet dream of a civil war.

I’m tired these folks still exist. We’ve been terrorized for the last 150 years by conservative, mostly white, racists. They’ve killed thousands in this country, bombed churches, shot up synagogues. They’ve proven they have no interest in our democracy, and prefer to destroy our continuing march towards progressive ideals from within. They only exist because the entire structure of our nation was founded and remains steeped in racist beliefs, often subtle and insidious. Leftist black organizations that preach violence are wiped out in a few short years. The KKK? Still marching on, if not in the numbers it once hard, and still killing folks when they think they can get away with it.

Keep fighting the good fight, folks. Keep standing up for progress, and not a return to the racist ideology these creeps promote. One day we’ll be wise enough to arrest and try these people for fomenting war against their nation, because that’s what many of them are doing. And maybe the rest will finally slink into the dark holes they should be living in instead of building another generation of angry, hateful, violent terrorists who live and work among us.


The politics of resentment. It’s not right vs wrong, it’s “me vs. them.”


Well, he is the kind of person who would use the phrase “tatted up” to signify someone’s coolness.


This dude is so much cooler than sell out shill Paul Ryan,” Torba wrote of Nehlen. “He’s tatted up, rides a motorcycle, and challenged Paul Ryan to an arm-wrestling match because he refuses to debate and is a soft-boy loser. I hope he wins.”

Exactly. He sounds like he’s twelve.


I believe I’m having a day where I’m finding myself thoroughly sick of people. Maybe it’s lack of sleep, or just the daily insanity, but yeah. I may have to take a week or so away from everything that I can and find my center before I can reengage with the world.

At least I’ve voted, so that’s out of the way. All that’s left is to see if things get better or worse.


But you can get it in bulk at places like Costco.

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Gab is back online.

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