At least 11 killed in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting


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Thanks again, Trump (you fucking racist).



Now watch Faux News fail to identify him as a white domestic terrorist, because to them terrorist doesn’t have anything to do with political violence and everything to do with skin color and national origin.




Not again,” was actually my first thought, then the impotent rage consumed it.


So another ‘lone wolf’… Fuck I really am ashamed of my country more often than not and for far too long.


Opened fire on police and taken into custody. The race of the individual was noted, but that was kinda reduntant. Of course he was white. And racist as hell. Fuck.


the gunman walked into the building and yelled, “All Jews Must die.”

Surely another expression of economic anxiety, just like the MAGAbomber’s packages. What will it take for the Coastal Elites to listen to the concerns of Real Americans™?


Yeah, that bit wasn’t lost on me either; if the culprit had been Black or Brown, he’d be dead already.





Live coverage: (CBS News)
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I owe you a coke, but I need something stronger.


Wonder if Toadstool will take a break from talking about imaginary terrorists in the “caravan” to acknowledge the real terrorists Pittsburgh and Florida. I won’t hold my breath.

Fucking right-wing racist murderous fucks! But I repeat myself.


How weird to see conservatives’ first response to this being “this guy hates Trump as much as the Jews!”

Never not on, those folks.



Yes, in addition to all the other awfulness here it’s also yet another gun thread. Let the wanking of the ammosexuals over technical details begin!



I bet there’s gonna be copycats, and is it just me, or does this phenomenon seem to be accelerating?




Something’s gotta give; this can’t keep happening and the only outcome is “thoughts and prayers.”


Well, y’know, some of them must consider themselves “very fine people”. Someone occupying a position of authority and responsibility told them so.