Terrorism in New Zealand

Oh shit. Not again…



I was making a thread about this just now, so I’m just copy-pasting what I already had and leaving the link out:

I never know if I want to make a thread for something like this, or wait for one to come along. (Perhaps @orenwolf can merge this with a main thread when it comes along?)

Either way, I’m sufficiently upset by this that I don’t feel like I can wait. I live to far away to do anything except share my feelings and thoughts on it.

It happened during the weekly congregational prayer that Muslims pray during midday on Friday. This motherfucker livestreamed it on Facebook, apparently deciding to say, “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” before going on their rampage.

I, thankfully, did not see the footage, though I didn’t manage to avoid glimpses on it, here and there. I briefly read the asshole’s manifesto, where they mentioned “The Great Replacement” and idea that has been increasingly pushed by people who are alt-right and who refuse to be identified as such despite mainstreaming the alt-right.

The thing I find particularly heinous about shootings in religious worship areas is that they’re often configured to have worshipers facing the front of the room, away from the entrance.

These people were shot in the back.


Why is that sad excuse for a human being still a thing?
I hope this is true and I hope he goes down hard as a result if true.

And yes that manifesto read like a cross between an alt-right true believer and a Jordan Peterson fanboy.


And in NZ of all places. There it isn’t Groundhog Day like it is in the US. There it’s White Supremacist Terrorists Arrive Day.

This also puts the lie to these oxygen thieves marching under nationalism. In the end, wherever they are, they don’t give a crap about anything other than genocide of non-whites everywhere. White nationalism is a dog-whistle for genocidal white supremacism.


Tears. That’s all I got right now.



And has been pointed out in the coverage, the targeted communities likely include refugees who escaped traumatic atrocities only to have these murdering pieces of shit try to kill them as they attempt to make a new life.

This is what the kind of xenophobia rampant in the US right now leads to.

Just in case anyone doubts Trumpistan is in solidarity with the murderers.


The attack was designed for our consumption. It was choreographed and livestreamed in anticipation of threads exactly like this.

I would not recommend consuming it, if you can avoid it.

Instead, just be reminded that yes, lives are at stake when racism and fascism spread. People are in fact dying. We need to work to destroy fascism and find real solutions to the problems from which they draw power.

What he did is over. He is over, and he hopes that we will keep telling his story for him. What we do is yet to come, and that’s a story worth telling. What will you do?



Because the people who carry out these acts are fucking cowards.


Yes. Thank you.

Well, as for me, for now, I’m still crying. And part of it is knowing there’s more of this shit coming. In a lot of places.

Tomorrow, I’ll keep doing the things I do.

Maybe your question is rhetorical, but if not, please do share what you’ll do.


How could this happen here. I am stunned and sad and angry. White supremacist fuckers have always been here but not like this.


I’m done for tonight. Caught myself engaging in the cycle of making myself heartsick and angry by looking at stuff on the Internet.


Not surprising when we have a president who advocates violence against not only those who disagree with him but, those who could possibly unseat him. Truly unprecedented. Crazy times.


Yeah. That’s not helping.

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It’s been taken down now, but the shitstain in question opened a Twitter account a few days ago. It mainly consisted of photos of weapons and body armour, all daubed with white supremacist / Islamophobic / homophobic slogans.


It’s not all terrible.


I agree. I dearly wish American media would take a page from the rest of the world and not build cults of personality around mass-murderers.


Self-care is health care. Take care of yourself. Don’t let the fuckers win.


I feel helpless and so sad and I can’t stop crying They should have been safe here… I wish I could do something.

When this happens on the other side of the world I feel the same emotions but this is so much more. And I can’t help but feel guilt on top of not feeling as much for those atrocities.

And now we have to answer our 6 year old daughters questions about why we are so upset and we can’t lie to her, even to protect her from fearing the worst in the world.


Will there be another race to
Come along and take our place
Maybe Martians can do
Better than we did

My friend says we’re like
The dinosaurs - doing ourselves in!
Much faster than they
Ever did


This is beyond awful news. :cry: