Terrorism in New Zealand


His name is all over the media, his bullshit ramblings are quoted.

I will not remember this assholes name. I will not read his bullshit.

I feel deeply sorry for the families and communities affected. I hope I can, in my little way, contribute to something preventing future hatred.


I’m not going to repost them because there’s no need to spread his shit further, but Australian Senator Fraser Anning has spent most of today blaming Islam and immigration for the attack.

Tomorrow he’s hosting a Nazi rally in Victoria.


Thankfully, neither has shown up in Finnish media.

Edit, 8 hours later: The name’s shown, and there are paraphrases of the kind of stuff he wrote in the manifesto, but I haven’t seen any media linking to it.


We in the west quickly and continually label murderous attacks by ISIS and others “Islamic terrorism.” Let’s do the same with this catastrophe and others like it – it’s not only terrorism, it’s white supremacist terrorism.


Then there’s this asshole. Don’t click it if you’re angry already but we expected it, right? :rage:


There were 48 murders in New Zealand over the whole of 2017.

There were 49 today.


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This was supposed to be a day to be inspired by millions of young people around the world demonstrating on behalf of their own futures. Instead, near one of those protests, a bunch of backward-looking terrorist* arseholes decided a pogrom was necessary to secure a white Xtianist ethnostate in this beautiful country.

My condolences to everyone in NZ and to the Muslim community around the globe.

[* Note to American politicians: take a lesson from Jacinda Ardern here in not hesitating to call a terrorist a terrorist just because he’s white]


The Washington Post is reporting that the attacker explicitly references US white supremacy in his manifesto:

Portions of the ghastly attack at the downtown mosque were broadcast live on social media by a man who police confirmed had also released a manifesto railing against Muslims and immigrants. The 74-page document states that he was following the example of notorious right-wing extremists, including Dylann Roof, who murdered nine black churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., in 2015.

The manifesto, littered with conspiracy theories about white birthrates and “white genocide,” is the latest sign that a lethal vision of white nationalism has spread internationally. Its title, “The Great Replacement,” echoes the rallying cry of, among others, the torch-bearing protesters who marched in Charlottesville in 2017.

Also this:

The author of the manifesto also said he intended to deepen strife in the United States over gun ownership and the Second Amendment.

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And of course, the geniuses at social media companies in SV respond with “who could have seen something like that coming?”

White nationalists and right-wing populists using social media to spread their violent messages of hate? In 2019? Who would have thought, right Zuck and Jack?

Same goes for his “manifesto”. None of us need to waste time taking another gander at the same old stale turds that have been floating in the right-wing populist cesspool for centuries.


Thread describing links between the Christchurch shithead and other Australian fascists.


So let’s not just label these attacks “terrorism.” Anyone who has ever said “Islamic terrorism” before should now be saying “white terrorism.”


I can’t even do that. All I have is rage.

“Go not gently
Into that good night.
Rage! Rage!
Against the dying of the light.”

We are watching our own light slowly (or maybe not so slowly) dying, on our watch. To echo another poster here, what are we going to do about it?

Dealing with this fucker would be a start.


Sadly, even Rob does name one of them (the streaming arsehole).

I can’t get myself to web-search the names of the victims. I feel like I would violate them by it. But I would rather like them to be rembered than any of those terrorists.


I’ve read the one released white terrorist’s name a few times now, but I’m trying not to let it stick in my head. It’s working so far, but I know that won’t last long.

Wouldn’t it be great if media outlets reported this story while purposely avoiding the reflex of using the names of these killers?


Wow. There are ignorant fuckwads everywhere. I guess we might have hoped this was an American problem, but the rise of neoFascism in Europe and South America would prove that a lie. This is a human problem, and small minded, cowardly individuals can be found anywhere. I admit, despair calls very loudly at moments like this.


I seem to have a kind of browser plugin built into my brain, where the moment I start reading a perpetrator’s name it morphs into “some right-wing sociopath bigot”.