Behind the production of a single piece of aircraft landing-gear

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I guess I’m a dummy. All I saw was two guys using a lot of big words but not saying anything I could do anything with. What is digital thread?

Bonus challenge: Describe it without using the word journey.

Actually, don’t bother.


Manufacturing Chain

is what this has been called since manufacturing.

Digital thread is people selling new manufacturing ideology jargon.
This is the 2018 version of lean chain or agile chain or whatever naming and grouping flavor of the week is.

Supply chain is hard and never simple groups like they depict.
Even the simplest representations tend to look something like this:

because they are so complicated, and there are so many advantages to getting a handle on every link of your supply chain, every organization benefits from a standardized system. Every few years someone is selling a new one. Like coding frameworks: some do have certain advantages, the more specific ones work better. the ones that promise simplicity that doesn’t exist and throw around jargon and ideology over favoring what simply works tend to come and go making a bunch of consultants rich and ready to ride the next wave.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ meh…

Yeah… DIGITAL thread? they are talking about linking physical groups and processes, and sure they are using computers, but what and who doesn’t now days? the digital moniker and substituting thread for the typical term chain immediately indicates the value choices of the systems creators and exactly which sort of system this is.


It’s rather ignorant to present developments from a prior millennium as revolutionary new concepts which yet have to be implemented in the real world.

Shall we take it to be intentionally misleading or is it just a case of Dunning-Kruger?

Aye, thanks @Footface @redesigned @mrtut for saving me the time to watch this, and probably be totally confused!


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