Behind the scenes with "gypsy-punk" band Gogol Bordello

[video link] Here’s a behind-the-scenes video with New York-based Gogol Bordello. Their new record, Pura Vida Conspiracy, will be out on July 23, 2013. READ THE REST


I have been to a Gogol Bordello show. If you ever get the chance to go to one, do it. I have never been to a show with such much positive an euphoric energy in my entire life. It was crazy how people were basically overcome with a desire to dance and party, and joining in was completely irresistible. There wasn’t a single negative vibe in that place. I shit you not, it was a nearly religious experience.

Heck yeah! I’ve seen them a bunch of times and every time was a little different but still full of positive energy. It’s always a great show.

It is impossible to convey what a rush their live experience is like, you’ll just have to trust us and go see for yourself but it is extraordinary. Any band that manages to energise a drenched glastonbury crowd in the open air in daylight has to be worth something…

Another person chiming in with how amazing and joyful their shows are - anything that could make me leap up in the Texas summer and dance is worth it. (I also once saw an amazing burlesque routine to “Start Wearing Purple” that was by far the best of the entire night for cheeky glee)

This band resonates with me. Immigrants, travelers, global nomads, not necessarily that means you are rich or powerful. Missing your roots, but knowing you can’t go back, and you really don’t want to. That part of the video in Spanish really touched a place inside me. It is indeed a mix of pieces and bits of foreign and originary cultures, a tailored culture and worldview, not tied to any land mass, but to ideas and feelings, the anthems of the empires of the mind, or the kibbutzim of the mind, for some of us.

“I traveled the world
Looking for understanding
Of the times that we live in
Hunting and gathering first-hand information
Challenging definitions of sin”

Wanderlust King

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