Japanese pop-music girl group plays klezmer-inspired music


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Calling @japhroaig.



I swear to god I need to cut down on the drugs.


So I’m not familiar with Gogol Bordello, so I Google Gogol. Near the bottom Google displays a, “people also searched for…” List. It had:

  • Dropkick Murphy’s. okay,I can see the overlap
  • Madonna. kind of weird, but… Okay
  • Faith No More. Google, go home, you’re drunk


They did a project with Madonna and played with her before.

I still want to see Gogol Bordello play with the Pogues, but if the recent documentary on Shane MacGowan is any indiciation, that’s unlikely to happen, I suppose.

They were fantastic on NPR’s tiny desk concert:


A desk-dancing good time!


Sure, but Faith No More? Google is stealing my Xanax. (Ima gonna have to listen to Gogol this afternoon)


Yeah, I don’t get that one either.

They are even better live.


A Japanese group? And their video is weird? How can that be?


I was reminded of the Destroyers…


minor corrections ; )


This is exactly my kind of jam. Their music reminds me of a small PSP game called Patchwork Heroes, which i love and has an OST that’s klesmer inspired as well. As a bonus the game is arabic steampunk-like which i’d never seen before nor have i seen since. The game is flawed but i have a lot of love for it.

Anyway back to the music! Thank you so much for pointing them out, i think i will become a big fan in short notice.


Here’s the intro to Patchwork Heroes (:



You know how we look back at B-52s videos and roll our eyes? I wonder if that’s ever going to happen in Japan.


Who looks back at B-52s videos and rolls their eyes? Those people are known as “philistines”! How can you roll your eyes at anything which includes a RuPaul cameo!!!


You are so missing out… Great fun that band, and I need to keep an eye out to see them live.


Somehow I’m not seeing them doing a guest performance at Chabad in Tokyo any time soon.


I think Boing Boing should know better than to call them a “pop music girl group”, which has the incorrect connotations of being manufactured, lightweight, and lacking agency and creative control, just because they’re Japanese women making music. That’s a bit shitty. You’d never call a couple of men playing folk pop music a boy band.


Why? Appropriation of Jewish cultural heritage?


Religious jews don’t tend to fuss about concerns like that.

I was more saying in a very indirect way that I didn’t hear the music as klezmer inspired.