Odd Israeli anime videos aimed at Japanese tourists


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Kept hoping for an appearance by The Zohan

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How do you find weird stuff like this?
“You look smart when you can speak English.”
And the whole thing about the older sister’s marital problems …?

Interesting that the video does not mention the airport security hassles.
That issue itself is a major incentive to go to someplace easier.

Factoid: Israeli law permits anyone who passes through Ben Gurion Airport to refer to themselves as having played soccer professionally. (I play soccer with Israelis)

  • Many guys are good looking!

  • Shalom chan

  • Deepening mystery

= Greatest thing ever!

Needs more magical girls.

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You apparently need a few tricks to make apartheid look appealing…


Its a bit too early to make a conclusion about tourism rates from Japan to Israel since this video was just posted very recently. OTOH from what my wife tells me, the overall responses to this video on the Japanese internet is pretty favorable. Its generating a fair amount of conversation on Mixi as well.

Probably intended as a cliffhanger to get people to tune in for the next episode.

I kind of can’t help but laugh at how some folks make this claim despite all facts to the contrary.

Not sure if Ultimate Madoka is Jewish, she’s probably more of a Buddhist…

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Israel just celebrated some kind of Japanese cultural festival (japanjerusalem.com). These happen about once a year. I guess the video was timed to coincide with this.

Okay, with almost no knowledge of Japanese, I’m walking through the video… it seems like they’re awed by the duty-free shop and the Japanese cuisine. Then they go get drunk in a bar. No mention of thousands of years of history, three of the worlds great religions, or suicide bombers.

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Also no mention of vehicle bomb use in the region. (Reading “Buda’s Wagon” book now, by Mike Davis. Pretty interesting one. The pioneers of this technology deployment in the region belonged to the Stern Gang, split from Irgun.)

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