Behind the scenes with Hollywood's creature making wizards


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My first thought was “we saw how they do this on 13 seasons of Face Off”…only to see Andrew pop up in the video, who was on at least 2 seasons of Face Off.

Still, I have to wonder where my life would have gone had I been born later. Growing up my life was nothing but monster / horror movies, comic books and drawing. Which turned into a path to fine arts and drawing that could have gone many different routes now. Back in the 90’s while in college there were not many options, hell that even predated the boom in home computing and the internet. The knowledge options was the library and random magazine.


I’mma let you finish…but Saruman is Hollywood’s greatest creature-making wizard of all time!


That should be “creature-making wizards”


*Achievement Unlocked

Even though the original statement is potentially more interesting, I approve.


“Behind the scenes with Hollywood’s creature making wizards”

Slightly misleading. The company in the video is in Hollywood, but these are retail masks cast in a single piece like a balaclava. Special effects makeup for movies (as opposed to retail companies located in Hollywood) is often cast in multiple pieces so that the appliances can be glued to the actors face, making the mask more responsive to the actor’s facial expressions.

It’s good work, though. The silicone gives a translucence to the skin that many foam rubber make up effects used in movies lack.


I found the part about the mesh underlay particularly interesting. One thing that I’ve come across with the castings was ripping, would love to give that a try to see how durable it really is.


That did sort of trail off, I read this pre-coffee and my brain just stopped working after a few minutes of waking up.


Uhg, orcs. The hero fodder that are now a cliche in fantasy books - the sapient beings that you as a reader can feel good about the hero slaughtering en masse, and they are black and ugly!

They are a shibboleth of lazy fantasy writing that lacks moral nuance.


Hey, back in H. Rider Haggard’s day that role would have been filled by actual black people.


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