Watchmen's costume designer reveals the secrets of Looking Glass's mask

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I’ve been watching Watchmen…I am a fan of the graphic novel/comic series and really enjoyed the Snyder movie.

The series is excellent 2 eps in.


I made a mirror mask one year. Was not a hit…


Fun, if not brilliant, (I thought) Neil Gaiman/Henson Company project


I’ve been really pleasantly surprised with the first two episodes as well. They seem to have found some interesting tangents to the Watchmen world and aren’t afraid of taking chances with the story. When the casting is as good as it is, it helps, too.

(and don’t tell anybody, but I kind of like the Snyder movie, too–I thought it was leaden and incredibly literal, but I thought that those qualities kind of…worked in context?)


I enjoyed quite a bit of the Snyder movie, mostly where he hewed as closely as physically possible to the source material. I don’t know that it necessarily added anything to the comic, but it was often a lovely interpretation.

The worst parts were where Snyder’s own creative impulses shone through. Excessively gory versions of more subtle moments in the comic, hit-you-over-the-head musical cues, etc. It very much missed one of the points of the source: that reality is not as glamorous as we like to remember.

The opening credit sequence though was a genuine spot of creative brilliance, where it was creating something more than the sum of its parts.


Such an intriguing character and expertly played, at the moment he’s like an inversion of rorschach - possibly still the man underneath the mask and not the mask itself, despite him wearing it most of the time. They give the impression he has some sort of ‘special ability’ when interrogating people.

I’m going to have to make an effort to see this series now. I enjoyed the comics, and mostly enjoyed the movie, although it’s been years since I last looked at either.

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