Behold the theorbo, an enormous baroque lute


But does it djent?


I wonder if they get a lot of requests to play “Greensleeves”? I’d imagine “Greensleeves” is to the lute the same way “Alley Cat” is to the piano.


“Enormous” is a fitting adjective, yeah. That thing’s big.


Greensleeves is one of many Elizabethan texts set to a standard chord progression (the Romanesca) that had been around since at least 1508. It shows up all over Europe and by the mid-Baroque they (the audience) still hadn’t tired of it.



I watch a fair bit of baroque opera, and up until now had thought of the theorbo as as basically an inverse boom mike. (A boom mike’s job is to ruin pictures by poking into the frame from above. A theorbo’s job is to do the same from below.)

Elizabeth Kenny has proved me wrong.



Heck, yeah. Jamming on the air tromba marina to this right now.


Play AC/DC’s Thunderstruck on that, and do the whole Angus Young guitar march down the stage with it.

I love traditional luthy as much as the next music and sca nerd, but I’m also a metalhead. C’mon. You gott admit it would be totally awesome with that thing!



Junior Brown would place some songs dropping the bass strings on the fly, and it sounded really good.


That is one luticrous instrument.



Did you say “Thunderstruck”? I will use any excuse to post this;


Ok, DAMN! Now, a duet is needed with this special lute and this.

Thats gotta be shopped? If thats real its insane.

That would make a good reality TV show- stick 2 random odd musicians in a recording studio for a day, and force them to make one song together, on wildly different instruments.

Just imagine it- electrified violin, and electrified bagpipes, with OP’s lute. Imagine the sonic discovery and hilarity that could ensue.


I love you, its magical!

Imagine that coming at you instead of the flaming mute doof guitarist in a Scottish soccer hooligan spoof of Fury Road.



Sometimes, humanity is awesome. That is proof! Just…wow.

Shame I got drunk after seeing Trump’s Big Mac celebration. This actually is believable compared to that.


Taking that in the Underground? It’s going to get baroquen.


Well, I’m sure my Highland ancestors would have loved these, going up against the Sassenach.