Behold the tiniest hand-thrown pottery made in exotic locales

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What makes a locale exotic?


The way it provokes wistful longing from middle-class white people.


That’s what I was hoping. Everywhere is exotic to me.


These locales apparently include Big Sur and Brooklyn, which I hardly consider exotic.

I’ve never understood the fascination that white people have with New York City.

Maybe not to you, but they are to a lot of other middle-class white people.

Depends on the white person, of course. Some are fascinated by it as a stage for self-display and for proving what you could be if you only had a chance (If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere, etc.), some see it as the epitome of racial urban decay, some see it as an artistic mecca, and so on. It’s a magnet for a lot of common white modes of attention (which is not to say that other people don’t also find it fascinating).

I have been to both those places, and I’m a provincial small-town Midwesterner who never travels anywhere unless it’s for business. If I’ve been there, it’s not that exotic.

When I think exotic, I think places I’ve never had the time or money to go to, or which are hard to get to using ordinary modes of transportation. Uyuni is exotic. Fucking California is not the least bit exotic.

God I hate that cliche. The opposite is true for many of us. In much of the country, there simply aren’t any jobs, so people go to the coasts where the jobs are.

Okay, Mr. Decider of Exotic-ness. If something’s not exotic to you, then it’s not exotic to anyone else. Got it. /s

Dude, I know a lot of people who think the entire state of California is exotic. And the entire west coast. Although you’ve been there, they haven’t. And the idea of taking a trip or a vacay there is also exotic, because all they can afford is a few days across their home state at some relative’s place.

:laughing: I deserved that.

All I’m saying is if he really wants to search out exotic locations, he has to try a little harder.

I would think his work stands on its own without having to resort to gimmicks. We’ve been having this conversation without talking about the tiny tiny miniature pottery, but look at it!

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