Beijing's "mystery rooms": single-room funhouses


The games cost about $10 per person and offer a decent amount of entertainment. It’s slightly cheaper than a movie ticket in Beijing

Movie tickets are that high in Beijing?

Sounds kind of like those interactive dinner theatre murder mysteries but with physical clues instead of actors.

Reminds me of the ‘Zero Escape’ series of games (9 Hours / 9 Persons / 9 Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward). I think I’d enjoy trying something like this if it ever came stateside.

Sounds like a great idea for an ARG.

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It’s an escape the room game, but with less pixel hunting.

I did one of these in London; it was a birthday treat for a friend. It was enormous fun. The whole thing was beautifully constructed - so much so that a lot of our conversation afterwards was about how hard it would be to make one of these things.

I never really got into the locked room games on computers, but physically being there with three friends shouting at each other over-excitedly when we worked out another step in the puzzle was much more compelling.

If you’re interested, it’s called HintHunt and is the number one ‘thing to do’ in London on TripAdvisor.

(Disclaimer: I’m just a customer, nothing else - I know my unqualified praise might make people suspicious.)

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