Bell hooks and Emma Watson in conversation

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Bell hooks?



How come bell hooks is exempt from your “I won’t abide by weird ‘Iphone’ capitalization” rule?

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If you remembered this then you could at least have bothered to read its first sentence.

This year, I resolve to minimize my use of incaps when writing about commercial products and companies.

This is not hard.

bell hooks does not write her name with incaps - that would be the case only if she went by bEll hoOKs or something.
bell hooks is not a commercial product or company.

That is all.


I love bell hooks. And Watson’s okay too.


I could argue that a pen name is still very much a “brand,” but point taken.

Oh great, so not only is Harry Potter a devil worshiper but now he’s got one of them femiNazis for a girlfriend? Let’s get this boycott started! Stop buying Harry Potter merchandise! Especially those broomsticks!

2 seconds (literally) of searching shows that bell hooks appears to prefer the lower-case version of her name and most people abide by that preference.


The post on the main page has it correct, though.

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Main pa… ohhh yeah!

I should look at that more often. :stuck_out_tongue:

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