Beloved 94-year-old teacher visits her (now-adult) students in her old classroom

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I smelled awesomeness.


Everyone else said “no” to me and she said “yes.”
the class is over, but I hope it will never be over, And I hope that even if the answers are blowing in the wind that maybe having an answer that is too certain can destroy us also

What an powerful teacher and what an awesome person. Getting old can suck, but living a life like hers must make it a bit easier.


Teachers like these are truly the best kinds of people there are.


It …made my eyes sweat a bit. Maybe there’s some onions in the room?

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Of all of the various great things brought to my attention by BB, this may be the very best. Cheers, Rusty.


That was so wonderful. Amazingly enough, Flossie is still a great teacher.

The thing I was thinking watching that though is that our public schools, teachers, and students are among our greatest assets/investments and it’s shameful that it took an outside organization to honor Flossie, listen to her, and get her back in touch with her students. Our public schools don’t have the infrastructure, funding, and institutional knowledge that even, say, your average business has, much less a private school. Our public schools have many Flossies and they are places that have changed many lives, arguably they are the most important cultural institutions we have and yet . . . pretty much every one is running on a shoe-string, fighting losing political battles, situated in iffy buildings, and forced to think short term to survive at all. Why we don’t treat our public schools with more respect is a mystery to me. It’s no coincidence that Flossie was a graduate of CUNY, a city-run, nearly free, school that’s still great but was perhaps at it’s greatest when she graduated in '45.

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