Fifth-grade teacher has an elaborate personal handshake for each and every one of his students


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So awesome. Of course, typical white person response at the end:

“We’re just interested in how you don’t mess up the routine!”


“Ok, children. Now that we’re done with the morning greetings let’s talk about – [BELL RINGS]-- class dismissed. See you tomorrow.”


Now that’s an awesome teacher.


Beautiful…With all the political drama going on I’m happy seeing a story like this


Typical extrovert. Completely indifferent to the needs of the introverted children in his classroom.


Teaching is about building relationships and helping students draw connections between their existing knowledge and new information/ideas.
This teacher knows that.


And Betsy DeVoss wants to destroy that. Actually she would probably say “THOSE people don’t need education”

Great teacher and why we need to pay them better.


I read some twitter comments. Big mistake. This guy is awesome. But people suck.


this is the type of teacher that makes HUGE, lasting difference in a kid’s life. i speak from a bit of experience as a kid that benefitted from this type of cool attention.


I agree with most here that this guy is a (mostly) wonderful teacher for doing this. But i would have so dreaded going to this class if i were in it.


Oh so what, Trump has an elaborate personal Sieg Heil for every neo-nazi he meets! Every. Single. One.

That’s dedication.


neat way to make a small but personal connection to each kid each day. i wonder if the kids always line up in the same order or if they try and mix it up?


Why though? He isn’t making the kids do the handshakes–just doing them with the kids who are into it. The teacher next door to me ends every afternoon with every single child getting a choice: high-five, handshake, or hug.

I have big loud moments with my big loud students; I have quiet, calm moments with my quiet calm students. An introverted student’s special greeting could simply be a fistbump or a wave. Even my most introverted student comes up to to me in the morning and values it when I acknowledge that I’m glad he’s at school. Good teachers meet students where they are: what you see in this video is a teacher meeting the needs of one set of students. Who is to say he isn’t equally perceptive to the needs of a different subgroup?


Yes! Each of those kids thinks, “I’m special.”


I would have been that one student whose handshake is a simple salute.

I’m impressed. I count it a success if I learn their names by the end of the year. Or show up in the right room consistently. Or remember to put on clothes before I go to work. Or – yeah.


Thanks for sharing!

Meanwhile, to the teachers: Right on with your endlessly creative and soulful behavior!

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