Watch these teachers' rad personalized handshakes for every student

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Every child loves to be made special, even a child of my many years.


I get that pounds or the “soul shake” that used to be pretty standard for me mid-90s and 00s is out, but the return of the much earlier Kid-N-Play was quite a shock.


right wing GOP religious nut-job outrage over their child being touched in 3…2…1…

As a person who fears any kind of physical salutation, this would make me feel very nervous and uncomfortable. But it probably would have been good for a younger me.

Well, I do believe that some of those could be construed as a “terrorist fist jab”


I wish we had that when I was a kid. But since I was a wise ass, I would’ve modeled my handshake after this:

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My math teacher gave us each a unique profane epithet. Not the same?


Yes, I created an account just to say this:

During the 80’s, I consumed fiction novels about the Vietnam war and anybody would recognize this as “dapping”. This isn’t really a new thing; interesting, sure, but not as recent as @noahdjango implies.

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Or even worse if you’re on Fox news…

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