Beloved eccentric Emperor Norton honored with street name in San Francisco's Chinatown

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Hail Eris!!


As the only surviving member of the Hermetische Orden der Kavaliere Unter München, I am madly amused to see Lola Montez there as well, even if she was a Munich personality and not affiliated with Emperor Norton.

For those of you who don’t know, Lola Montez was (supposedly) Spanish dancer who Bavarian King Ludwig the First* fell in love with and abdicated the throne for. In reality, Lola Montez was born Eliza Gilbert in Ireland.
And if you cannot see the fnords, why are you reading this BBS anyways?

*Grandfather of Ludwig II, aka “Ludwig the Mad”


I’m still sore they didn’t name the new Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge for Emperor Norton. The whole thing was his idea after all.


I’m pretty sure that’s one of those ideas someone would have thought up eventually with or without his royal decree. “Someone ought to build a bridge there…” doesn’t take a feat of genius, the hard part is actually making it happen.

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Sorry to nitpick, but the portion they renamed, the portion from Kearny to Montgomery, is NOT in Chinatown, just adjacent to it. This is Hoodline’s problem, not yours.

Chinatown’s eastern boundary is generally recognized as Kearny St. West of Kearny is Chinatown. Quoting from Wikipedia, which is not the best source, but it is accurate enough:

the current boundaries being, approximately, Kearny Street in the east, Broadway in the north, Powell in the west, and Bush Street in the south.

And if you check the map, the 600 block of “Commercial” is clearly to the EAST of Kearny, making it OUTSIDE of Chinatown.

I can understand the confusion, as there is a portion of Commercial that is inside Chinatown and leads up to Grant (ends at a Bruce Lee mural and Eastern Bakery) but the portion they renamed is definitely NOT in Chinatown.

Frankly, this hoodline article is riddled with errors. The author actually thought Lola Montez was Empress Jose Sarria.

Even though Emperor Norton and Empress José Sarria impersonators were on hand in full regalia, the vote would have to wait another day.


Thanks, I’ll ask to have it corrected.

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