Disrespecting Emperor Norton


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Whoever after due and proper warning shall be heard to utter the abominable word “Frisco,” which has no linguistic or other warrant, shall be deemed guilty of a High Misdemeanor, and shall pay into the Imperial Treasury as penalty the sum of twenty-five dollars.

Proclamation of 1872: Emperor Norton

I have to agree with that one, only tourists and green horns call it “Frisco”…


Growing up in the 50’s and being a teen in the 60’s living in Contra Costa, we always call it “Frisco”.
It sounded more dangerous and western like Deadwood or Tombstone. Hitchhiking from Clayton road in Concord and asked where was I headed? Frisco always got me to Golden Gate park and Hashbury.
I think the old Bay Bridge from Yerba Buena island should be named for Norton, after all it was his idea to connect the east bay with a bridge.
Saying the name “Frisco” takes my imagination back to the Barbary Coast, and Baghdad by the bay.

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Hey Farva what’s the name of that restaurant you like with all the different beers and the really good sliders?

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