Beloved Miffy books to be "updated" for modern British audience


We could have Miffy struggling to reconcile her animal nature with the
world around her, only to find surprising opportunities in the
fast-changing and fluid world of human gender identity.

O hell yea! I wouldn’t mind hookin up with him or her!

Can we Rasta-fy him by about ten percent?


Miffy and the iPhone innit.

Miffy the Chav

I think he needs a little more attitude. Uh … sunglasses

Curiously enough, Miffy is one of those evergreen characters who is still very popular in Japan, along with the Moomins and the Peanuts gang. You see Miffy products in all the same places you see Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and co. It’s hard not to double-take as you come across characters you’d forgotten from your childhood printed on iPhone cases, stationery, clothing and reproduced perfectly in the form of plush toys.

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