Muppets Character Encyclopedia




For some weird reason Zoot has always been my favorite Muppet. I'm glad there's a resource that will finally give me access to his complete backstory.


I was always a fan of Floyd, because I assumed he was modeled after Jeff "Skunk" Baxter.


See also: Muppet Wiki


I guess I've always been a sarcastic PITA, my favorite characters have always been The Critics.


Indeed, online wikis would seem to make this sort of thing redundant. But I guess in this case the subject matter is not so broad as to ruin the feasibility of a reasonably-comprehensive book. (Methinks we'll never again see a printed Star Trek Encyclopedia.)


My fave muppet is Animal. "Eat drums! eat drums!"

@Jorpho - I think for sharing with kids the book is better, but the wiki is hella fun - i love noodling around in it.


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