Watch Jack White and The Muppets sing Stevie Wonder

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I love Jack White, but that was a crappy cover. At least it had Muppets.


My rule of thumb is that anyone who acts with the Muppets is automatically considered cool. Even if they would never be considered so otherwise.

Coolest performance with Muppets of all time would probably be from Harry Belefonte


Dear Mr. White:

Please give me your musical talent and go back to making furniture so that I can start a cool band and be cool and play with the Muppets while YOU work on a computer and commute almost daily. Actually, I don’t care what you do, b/c I’ll have your musical talent, so let’s focus on getting that to me. Also, I may want to flirt with Meg b/c she almost hit me in the eye with a drumstick at Bonaroo that one year and I think she likes me.

If all that’s too much, please just give me one of your guitars and make me a nice leather sitting chair.

Your pal,



I watched the first episode of new show. What I always really liked about the Muppets was awkward, cringey relationship drama! --Said no one ever.

Did it ever improve?

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Actual Stevie Wonder:


i stopped watching after the first episode as well. based on this clip of the finale i am still not impressed.

Yes, they shitcanned the showrunner after the first few episodes. It got much better, and closer to the feeling of the old show over the second half of the season. Too bad - seems like it’s destined for cancellation.

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The episode with David Grohl as the guest was the only good one of the bunch. It centered on Gonzo getting his daredevil groove back. Plus it had Grohl and Animal in a drum-off.


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