Watch Dave Grohl's drum battle with The Muppets' Animal


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It made me dizzy.


Animal’s drum battle with Buddy Rich was much better…


Grohl is a long time hero of mine, but yes Animal is the man. You can’t beat Animal or Electric Mayhem.


just what i needed after a 2+ hour all hands meeting. thanks!


Maybe we can get Animal facing off against Terry Bozzio? That would be a sight to see…


Animal has been playing since Dave got his first set of sticks, soooo… if experience counts, my money is on the little furry guy every time.


Grohl is playing what looks like a 7 piece set while Animal has like 12 with a double bass (moar metal!).

Animal clearly has a better chance to play YYZ and is therefore the superior drummer.


Who has the earliest pressing of The White Album tho?


Who actually plays drums for the Animal Muppet? I listened to that ‘drum battle’ and whoever it is has some solid chops.


Used to be Ronnie Verrell. Dunno who it was this time.


I loved this one of Animal and Rita Moreno too. Such moxie!


I kinda dig the new Muppets show (which is what this is from, I assume?). It’s more standard sitcommy (kinda The Muppets meets 30 Rock meets The Office), but it’s not absolutely awful.

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