Winnie the Pooh deemed inappropriate hermaphrodite


Dear children, this happens when provincial politicians have nothing to do and want to be seen “working”.


Well, Pooh’s roly-poly shape and laid-back demeanor does suggest he might have had his nads yanked.

But seriously . . . Pooh’s a stuffed animal. They just don’t come with junk, and their gender, if any, is defined by clothing and names.

At least in the U.S.

Do Polish plush toys have packages?


This is crazy although Mr. Pooh does suffer from an eating disorder, Eeyore has depression, Piglet suffers from low self esteem, Tigger is hyperactive and do not even get me started on Rabbit. This is just your normal everyday dysfunctional group of animals in the woods story.


Polish theme parks must be fucked up.


Slightly off-topic, but in the Middle Ages, when people had a similarly robust attitude to the anatomical facts of life, heraldic animals, like the three lions on the English royal coat of arms, were not only “armed” (depicted with claws) and “langued” (depicted with tongues) but also “pizzled”.


BAH. :confused:

Dubious naked Pooh provocation. Pooh politics.

Nothing says “we aren’t ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with other members of a civilized world” like punishing a fictional character for its biology.


Next one: Donald Duck!


This kind of focus kinda makes me wonder if the people making this determination aren’t kindred spirits of this other fellow recently featured here…

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Donald Duck was rumored to have been banned in Finland, but it was a much milder story that happened to get twisted and exaggerated over time. An amusing read, though.


I saw a meme about that. Pooh has an eating disorder, Eeyore has depression, Piglet has anxiety, Tigger has ADHD, Rabbit has OCD, Owl has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, (I think that’s what it’s called?) and Christopher Robin is schizophrenic.
I wonder if anything’s going on with Kanga and Roo?


Roo’s pretty normal as far as I can remember. And Kanga doesn’t seem to have a mental disorder. Although it seems kinda sad that she’s raising Roo on her own. Can’t say it’s ever easy being a single parent.

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I hate to be pedantic, but I believe the animals on the English coat of arms are leopards not lions.

Donald Duck better watch his back

No, they´re not.

you know I thought the world was sick now I know it is to even imagination like this this must be the people that cuts the holes in toys and hump them these people have serious mental issues and so doe the ones on here that thinks this is frunny

Hmmm, it seems that they started out as leopards and turned into lions see here

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This is so effing stupid. I’m not a psychologist, but it’s my guess that MOST cartoons have “dubious sexuality” (unless they’re married or have children) because the artist/creator DOESN’T FEEL IT NECESSARY TO HAVE CHILDREN’S CHARACTERS HAVE A SEXUALITY. He’s not gay or straight, HE’S AN ENTERTAINER OF CHILDREN and so sexuality isn’t going to be defined or NECESSARY. Geesh. Now, if this cartoon was made as an ADULT cartoon, there might be an issue.

That gurning lackwit up there in the red pullover is NOT Winnie the Pooh. This Stout and Helpful fellow is: