Ben and Jerry arrested at Democracy Spring demonstration in DC


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I’m eating Chunky Monkey right now.


Do it, people! And wear your political tees!


I think I understand. In other words, big money in politics is free speech, but complaining about big money in politics is a crime.


How much justice can you afford? But buying courts is small potatoes, trifles the rich buy their playboy spawn. Buying legislatures is where the real money is. And for multi-billion dollar corporations, legislation is going for bargain basement prices of just a few million per state-protected union-proof monopoly.

I don’t know if Sanders can do anything to actually halt their feudal takeover of democracy, but I know Clinton and Cruz will hand it to them on a gold platter and Trump’s ignorance will start a trade war running us into the pavement for the PRC and Putin to pick up the pieces.



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