Ben and Jerry's cookbook is still the best for ice cream

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I’ve owned and used this cookbook since before I moved to Vermont - and I can’t say my enthusiasm for this cookbook has dampened at all!


I’m impressed people have the time.

Making ice cream isn’t really very time consuming, depending on what kind of ice cream maker you have, and not compared to lots of other cooking.


I was assuming this meant they didn’t do custard-based ice-cream at all, but Philadelphia style instead (i.e. no eggs), but looking at the book online, I see that they use… raw egg yolks?! I’m really not sure about that - first, I’m not sure it’s still technically a custard, but the whole point of adding egg yolks to ice cream is to cook them, because that thickens the mixture. There’s the risk of salmonella (etc) too, which might not be large, but raw egg yolks would do little other than change the taste a bit (and not in a good way, necessarily) and texture even less, so it seems better accomplished through other ingredients…

I may stick with David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop.

In fact I’d say it’s pretty much one of the least labor-intensive desserts to make, assuming you have even the most basic ice cream mixer (that has a cylinder you stick in the freezer). Sure, you (might) have to do some things a bit ahead, but the amount of labor while you wait is zero. So it’s not a question of time, but planning (and delayed gratification).


Hello my name is ice cream is the best ice cream book, hands down. There are plenty of good ice cream books, and Ben and Jerry’s is one of them. But Hello, that’s the best, and it’s really not even close.

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My, how time flies…


I concur. I’ve owned one since I first heard about it. If you are ever in Vermont, I recommend taking their tour.

So you make ice cream with 38% milk fat? I can’t even imagine wanting to do that.

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