Coffee ice cream recipe

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I’m a little surprised this recipe didn’t involve Anne growing her own beans, building her own roaster, and using milk from her own cows to make ice cream ultimately put in bowls turned using a hand-forged lathe.


A more effective method (because it doesn’t involve adding extra water) is to make your custard, then steep coarse-ground coffee in it while it is still hot, then strain it out. You can just break the beans up into big chunks to make this easier; it doesn’t need to be finely ground. Just let it steep to the desired strength. Use as much coffee as you would for however much liquid volume you are making.


Sometimes I buy these.

Lower fat, lower acid (because: coldbrew).
Less work.
Sometimes I make my own.


“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” – Carl Sagan.


I make lots of ice cream. I believe this is a far from an ideal recipe. One rule for ice cream making is to avoid dumping in ingredients that add significantly to the water content of the overall mixture. When you dump in brewed espresso like that, the final frozen texture of the ice cream will likely have noticeable ice crystals.

She might be able to counteract all that extra espresso flavored water by using 100% heavy cream and nix the skim or by slow simmering the mix to boil off excess water. The best option in my experience is to, as someone already mentioned, brew the coffee directly in the hot cream. Use a cheese cloth bag to make a sort of tea bag.


I’ve had good luck with the NYT recipe (very similar to the one in the video) and suggests steeping coarsely ground coffee. It also has a bunch of suggestions for riffing with other flavors. At a former place I worked they just added instant coffee crystals. It’s amazing how much the quality and brand of coffee matters (which goes against using instant)


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