Makin' ice cream


Raspberry strawberry, this recipe has eggs, but you don’t make a custard. Gets great reviews and the raspberries here are perfectly in season.


Ah crap, I should totally make flavored ice cream sandwiches! Like a macaroon with seasonal fruit ice cream, coated in chocolate and wrapped in butcher paper.



On, and I am starting a nectarine port tomorrow. Trying to decide on the secondary fruit though. I made this recipe once years ago and it was fantastic.


Why do you call it “raspberry strawberry” if there are no strawberries in it? It would have put me off, as somebody who loves the former but not the latter.


Ah, I added strawberries :smile:
The recipe called for four cups of rasp, and I only had two, so I used two cups of ultra ripe strawberries as well.


On, and these were tiny, almost wild looking berries. They are great.


Sweet dill freezer pickles are done, and now working on preserving a couple pounds of beets I scored.


And of course the Grey Lady has beat me to artisnal ice cream sammiches. Cherry coconut? Sounds great!


oh shit, i am in love.

okay, so bear with me here…

fried risotto balls as the ‘cookie’, and sweet basil and hazelnut ice cream for the filling.


Are you just brainstorming awesome sounding food things… because it seems like you’re brainstorming awesome sounding food things.


I am really not any good, but I take joy in the hobby. I made a cheese ice cream that didn’t work so well on its own (it was like cheesecake times ten), but with a piece of fruit, in smaaall quantities was great.

Now, off to slice and press nectarines!


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