I finally grew enough strawberries to make ice cream

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That’s brilliant news!
I love raspberry ice-cream.

Oh, bollocks.


Ella clearly has discerning tastes in strawberries. And would NEVER let a thief steal your bikes… errrr…

The last time I did fresh strawberry ice cream I upped the quantity of berries a good bit. I do like the Ben & Jerry’s recipe, but the first time around I didn’t feel it tasted strawberry enough. I also have a tendency to go full cream and not do condensed milk. With the extra fruit it thins down the base some, but the fattier cream keeps it from getting icy.

I make mine in the KitchenAid ice cream mixer bowl.

You could make it US Navy style.

(I think Gedunk Bar would be a great name for a social media site.)


Maybe your dogs always eat your strawberries out of concern for your cholesterol.

I try every year, but my strawberries always seem to come down with PLAGUE. Blueberries and raspberries seem okay, though.

What is the one variety that survived to rule them all in your garden?

I don’t know, its just the one that grows. She trashed all the pots so bad I was unable to keep track.

Yeah, I use around 2.5 pints and I let the diced berries sit in the sugar/lemon for a long long while.

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Sigh, in my WA state town, strawberry season this year came and went in about a week.

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Yeah, here too in BC. Probably making up for last year’s strawberry season which lasted for two months.

Our strawberries get eaten by some kind of bird. I think it’s starlings. They haven’t figured out blueberries, fortunately. Cherries go to the crows…

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