Ben Folds' cover is better :)

Continuing the discussion from Watch Ice Cube respond to Rap Genius interpretations of "Straight Outta Compton”:

I see your ukulele cover and raise you a piano version from Ben Folds. Apologies for the ridiculous shaky cam nature from a concert, but what can you do:

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Richard Cheese is the king of this type of thing, IMO. He does all types of covers, but the rap ones are extra weird done in his lounge singer style. One of many:

also, there’s a pretty well-known bluegrass cover of Gin & Juice that I like, but I prefer this lesser-known indie version they used to play on my college station:

When I saw Amanda palmer on her recent tour, she did Ben Fold’s Five song Brick and her own song about abortion, Oasis (which Ben Folds produced and sings back up on):

She also play that song by Garfunkel and Oats Pregnant women are smug, which was great fun.

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