Benedict Cumberbatch says he will only work on films in which female co-stars are paid as much as he is


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But that’s pretty much the point. He knows that he’s not going to go hungry if he makes a fuss about it, and most of the other A-list Hollywood guys aren’t either. If enough of these guys say, hey, we’re not going to put up with this shit, Hollywood has a problem.



So does this mean he’ll end up only working with stars as famous as he is?


And that’s the way it should be. Enough of this shit. I’m just hoping that it filters down to folks like us. We can move mountains by collectively deciding that we’re going to refuse to do a damn thing until the scales are set right.


Possible outcomes:

  1. He never makes another film
  2. His next film costs $7 billion to make.
  3. He backpedals, so he can keep working.
  4. His co-star are redefined as “supporting cast” and are paid whatever they would have been paid anyway.

I think we can safely bank on #4.


Thankfully 1) your list isn’t exhaustive, and 2) B.C. Isn’t likely to accept lip service or technicalities on this one, IMHO.

My guess is he’ll be paid less (but still lots) so his co-star can be paid less (but still lots), versus what they would have each had before this position. and I’m sure he’d be perfectly fine with that. Progress.


Granted, it’s far easier for a fella that’s already made his millions to suggest that others refuse the ability to pay their bills in the name of equality.

100% true, though i think it’s a valid bargaining tool. If both male and female actors join forces to determine their salaries to ensure they’re being compensated fairly i think they’d have more success than going at it alone. This is for lead or visible roles, i wonder how this works for lesser roles in a movie where they could be more replaceable.


Ok so… I’ve nothing against Ben-i-batch or whatever, but, did his management focus test this announcement or what?


Otters who look like Bandersnatch Cummerbund!

You’re welcome.


Also, he can’t say penguins:



Bonus points for Hiddleston there. :blush:


wow, considering the article it sure makes goofing off of his name seem like a real class move.


Sure, but plenty of others in the same situation aren’t doing that. So I still say props to him.


This is great, and I hope he gets others to follow his lead.

I suspect the company I work for has a significant pay gap, and I’m personally not sure what if anything to do about it. They low-ball every new hire on the initial offer, and each individual counters and bargains to one degree or another, so that starting salaries for the same position vary by up to about 30%. I suspect there’s a gendered difference resulting from that process. From then on, raises due to annual merit increases or promotions are percentage based, so any initial discrepancy would remain even in the absence of any bias in reviews and promotions. I’m not personally in a position to influence anyone’s offers or raises. Any suggestions from the hivemind?


About who? Benadryl Hammerpants?

I know, i’m a classy guy :sunglasses:


Reminds me of the Eddie Izzard bit on Englebert Humperdinck

  1. His pay is lowered to match his co-stars pay.


Well it’s a good thing we have the internet; otherwise, who would be cynical every single time anybody takes a stand about anything?