Benedict Cumberbatch says he will only work on films in which female co-stars are paid as much as he is


Please, Mansplain it to us further.


if they agree to work together and get paid the same.


In my workplace some of the most efficient, sharpest people are ladies. And there’s quite a few women that are in leadership roles and i’m quite proud to have them there. My previous boss and my current one are awesome, if i didn’t have the managers i had when i got hired i 100% would not have hung onto this job so i’m grateful for them giving me the opportunities and challenges i’ve been presented.


Objective Truth, it is yours alone. No subjectivity or bias with you, none at all! There’s an objective social ranking, but pay is a mere subjective measure of that. GOT IT.

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There are, unfortunately, negative social repercussions for women who “push” for what they’re worth. Your wife absolutely sounds like she deserved it, but knowing the social consequences may have made her hesitate.

I love Mr. Cabbagepatch, but he never should have been allowed anywhere near Khan Noonien Singh.

Claire Foy got less than Matt Smith for The Crown because they felt his turn as The Doctor made him “more famous”. But even Doctor Who fans were probably not watching that show for Smith - I sure wasn’t, as he’s one of my least favorite Doctors (though I thought he made a good Prince Philip). This isn’t Smith’s fault; his contract was negotiated separately and with no knowledge of what the show’s actual star was being paid.

Foy has since been retroactively paid a lump sum to bring her closer to parity.


Absolutely, but even in a female dominated field, the people who push are labeled as “not team players”, “bitches”, or “ball busters” (even if the bustees have no balls to speak of). That being said, my thought process was "so what? Let them fear your assertiveness. When you’re as honest and fair (and as damn good at your job as my wife is), there are always people fighting to try to hire her away from her current job. She, luckily, could have afforded the social consequences at any point, but was still reluctant to push back until things got really bad.

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