Bernie Sanders calls for a national day of rallies to defend health care from Trump: Jan 15


In my experience, yes it is.


My prediction: Trump keeps Obamacare, but amends it so that is valid at precisely one hospital and one doctors surgery per state in the USA.

If you fall sick and only have ACA coverage, you have to travel ~8 hours in a private ambulance to reach the one state hospital that accepts you. When you get there you find it is grossly overcrowded so that you’re likely to die waiting for admission.

The end objective: Although everyone has Obamacare / ACA, it is totally ineffective as a means to access treatment.

The wealthy get to buy an additional private healthcare plan that gives access to the rest of the nations hospitals and that will provide access to treatment if you get sick.

They have a scheme like this in Brazil and it’s quite effective at making people buy both state and private health insurance.


There was a pretty well thought out single payer plan on the ballot in Colorado this year. It went down to defeat by a pretty wide margin.


That scenario is possible with medications that work by increasing synaptic levels of monoamines like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. (The fancy word for this is monoaminergic.)

‘Antidepressant’ is a clinical classification, not a pharmacological one. As such, this group includes medications with all sorts of different mechanisms. And lithium is almost in a class of its own in this regard. Researchers are still piecing together exactly how it works.

What they do know is that lithium is one of the strongest meds for dampening suicidal ideation and can be a savior for those in such mental crisis.

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