Bernie Sanders calls for a national day of rallies to defend health care from Trump: Jan 15


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Sure to be widely and fairly covered by all major media outlets.


It’s probably safe to ignore, but if there was the threat of real change, the protesters would be dirty fucking hippies who need to get a job.


Just you wait. They will be.

Also expect to hear the OMG BERNIE RALLIES ARE VIOLENT!!!11!!ELEVENTYONE!!1! that we’ve been hearing with precisely no evidence to back it up.


He promised to not take away people’s healthcare. And he promised to eliminate their healthcare. Like Schrodinger’s cat there’s no way of finding out what he’s going to do until we open up the box and he takes office.


The Rebel State of California stands with Bernie!


Thanks, I needed a good laugh. ::hat_tip::


And, of course, the people who need this healthcare the most are the same people who can afford to take a day off work to attend a rally.

*sigh* I’m sorry. It’s just been a frustrating year.


So those of us who can afford to take the time, and don’t really require the benefits of the ACA, should protest on their behalf.


I guess this is why they chose a Sunday?


…I guess I should start checking calendars before getting ticked off.




Even if this doesn’t benefit me, I would take time off work advocating for other people to have affordable healthcare. The US has the most backward health care system in the Western world hands down, and it’s a tragedy that even though we’re the richest country in the world we don’t have affordable health care, and many of us are one medical emergency away from being bankrupted. It’s a quality of life issue for many people, regardless of whether or not I personally benefit for it.


I’d like to see issues like this framed as a challenge. If America is such a great country, why can’t it provide basic healthcare needs to all its citizens? Why are people flying to “socialist” Europe for hip replacements? You can’t just go around saying you’re the best country in the world unless you’re prepared to back it up by displaying some actual greatness.


Well, we have this little saying and it goes a little something like this, “Love it or leave it, pinko.”

It’s quite irrefutable and has been the deciding coup de grâce in every debate that questions the the omniscience of the U.S. of A. and our profit-driven healthcare system.


I don’t really like this argument, but here it is.

I’d rather we had free hips for everyone. Think of how hip we would be!


America has a great military, but uses it so oafishly that it’s more of a liability than an asset.


It’s like Schrodinger and Pandora embarked on a joint endeavor to create the scariest Jack-in-the-box ever.


Even suggesting that maybe we have something to learn from other countries is considered unpatriotic.


Isn’t the initial response of an antidepressant actually to raise the risk of suicide (because the lethargy goes away faster than the existential despair)?