Bernie Sanders is the most popular candidate among Hispanic voters

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At a point where such polls are largely tests of name recognition.


Bernie scares the shit out’a a lot of folks, even on BB…



Naw, most people who have reservations about Bernie tend to share my reservations, that choosing a guy that is so obviously an old white guy feels wrong. His policies are great, sure, but can he really implement them?


i guess we see why Bone Saw Republicans are so scared of immigration on the US southern border.


Trumpanzies are wonder the same thing now…


Bernie is not Popular among this Mexican American, he is a Socialist, many Cuban American are against socialism, Venezuelan, i believe in individual right, thoughts, free will, not govt control on every aspect of your life, especially most of this politician are bigots they live high and rich and pray on the poor and naive.

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1] How does that apply to Bernie Sanders?

@Korasones he is a Socialist

Bernie is a Democratic socialist: a political philosophy that advocates political democracy alongside social ownership of the means of production, with an emphasis on self-management and democratic management of economic institutions within a market or some form of decentralized planned socialist economy.

A lot to unwrap in your statement…


It’s really not an “all or nothing” scenario. Do you think maintained public roads, safety regulations for food manufacturers, health inspections at restaurants, protected national parks, scientific research, firefighters, etc. are generally good things? Those are all made possible by government- the same government that brings us endless war, attacks on net neutrality, bailouts for corrupt bankers, NSA spying on American citizens, and worse. Government can be good, or bad, or both at once. It’s complicated and nuanced and it doesn’t boil down to a choice between “1984-style thought crimes and bread lines” or “Mad Max-esque lawless every-man-for-himself anarchy”.

As far as I can see, Bernie Sanders supports government involvement in areas which would benefit society- free healthcare and education, balancing out a tax system that has disproportionately favored the rich, more support for civil rights, environmental decisions that are grounded in evidence-based reality instead of increasing corporate profits at any cost. These are things we badly, BADLY need as a society and as a species. If you can explain how these reasonable measures equate to Venezuelan “socialism” (which as far as I can tell, has more in common with America’s current corrupt system than with Democratic socialism), I’d love to hear it.


Let me introduce you to a concept that will blow your mind.

It’s been around for over 100 years more than Ayn-cap nonsense too.


It gets really tiresome to see “Hispanic” thrown about as though Cubans in Miami and Salvadorans in Los Angeles are some monolithic group with unified interests.


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No, seriously, you do bring up a fair point that 33% is still far from a majority. Even though you do tend to screw it up almost immediately by parroting the Fox News astroturfing style guide. But hey, I will give you the benefit of the doubt if you can tell me who you would choose as the Democratic candidate, hmm?


So… you’re personally deigning to speak on behalf of the entirety of all three of those different groups of people of Latinx descent?


Hey sir, welcome! That word “socialist” means something different in Western countries than you think it does… People here who compare Venezuela to Democrats are either uneducated on the topic, arguing in bad faith or both.


well, that’s poorly thought out.

i think it’s important to look past optics and political correctness and focus on substance.

if we were discussing biden or beto i’d be with you, but if you kneecap actual progressives to put in another “diverse” neoliberal, get ready for a second trump term.

my hot take is that while trump is bad, the democrats deserved their loss for kneecapping the primary + not campaigning in key states.

the entitlement in the DNC is staggering, and they don’t seem to realize that their “what are you gonna do, divorce me?” style of electoral politics failed before and will fail again if they double down.

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Wish I had more likes to give there…


Q: Who is living high and rich and preying on the poor and naive?



Good. And you’ll be pleased to know so do Democratic Socialists. So you can safely vote for them.

“especially most of this politician are bigots they live high and rich and pray on the poor and naive.”

Ahh, good to see that you also agree with Democratic Socialists (and most Boing Boingers?), that the current crop of GOP “leaders” are pretty much leeches.

That should make you feel happier about voting for a nice USA Democratic Socialist (like Bernie Sanders). Those folk actually seem to believe exactly what you are espousing!