Bernie supporters are the most diverse of any Democratic presidential contender

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the most diverse

Who’d a thunk that? Just dropped another $10 bucks to his campaign…

BTW: I get these in my inbox from time to time…



Sanders’ fundraising is absolutely insane. Sanders basically has a bottomless well of money - if your overage donation is $18 it’s pretty easy to ask people for another $3 or $5.


you don’t understand. we, the white “liberals” know what’s best for everyone else. so, please, be reasonable and follow our lead.


this man has resisted pressure and temptation of lobbyists of many sorts for 30+ years. i don’t know any other politician who can claim the same. please, find one who has not accepted corporate money in the last 30 years.


Um, ahem… “the bros are REAL, Dog!”

How was that?
It made me a little uncomfortable but I thought it was a little funny.

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It’s always been a myth, spread by his Dem establishment opponents and re-inforced by a few loudmouthed BernieBros, that Sanders’ base is young white male brocialists. Stats like this are why I’m confident that, if Sanders isn’t the nominee (“heretic!”, scream those personality cultists), most of his supporters won’t spend election day sulking at home because they didn’t get their way but will help kick out the big orange goon.

Unlike the very stable capitalist genius, the evil Commie understands the concept of cash flow.


The very stable capitalist genius has always understood the concept of cash flow. Cash flows to you, and the moment that stops you write off the business and walk away.


I have seen some nasty supporters, but it’s important to note that Russia has been trying to radicalize white, male Bernie supporters to hurt the left as a whole. Check out the Feel The Bern subreddit (, it is dominated by bots.

There’s insanely vitriolic hatred of Hillary Clinton, and ‘the establishment’ as a whole, as a means of leftist gatekeeping. The biggest tell is that any time Bernie talks about the Mueller report or Russia the whole sub turns on him; saying he needs to stop encouraging to “the collusion delusion” and Mccarthyism. It’s terrifying.


Wow. What a diss. I love that sub. Sen. Sanders gave his AMA on that sub. We are a diverse bunch, very passionate about fighting for each other’s universal rights, even those of Clintonistas.

Not a diss, mate, just what I observed. Just looking at it now this is one of the top stories:

Check out the top comments. It’s all support for not voting if Bernie loses, or rationalizations of why it’s justified. There’s also several people who straight up say Trump is preferable to Hillary or any other democratic candidate if it’s not Bernie. I know not everyone’s a bot (because you can see them in the down voting section for saying Hillary is better than Trump), but the sub is dominated by them.


I see people mad at the DNC for not supporting Bernie’s policies in 2016 and actively walking back cosponsorship of his policies now (eg Harris and Warren on M4A—will use that as example but you could look at other policies). There is not a single Trump supporter in the sub. The US wants a singlepayer system and the DNC keeps asking if we’d vote for someone who likes the private insurance biz. We believe that the DNC running that centrist candidate would mean losing to Trump, not because we would vote for him, but because 70% of all Americans are sick of the private insurance racket. (Independents don’t get a say in closed primary states. Republicans who would want to get rid of their $20k yearly premiums would also like a chance to vote for Bernie’s singlepayer M4A.) Nuance, huh?


Oh, I forgot to welcome you to BoingBoing, Sally! I will definitely consider what you’ve said :grin:

I’m not new. Been boinging for about a decade. You inspired delurking. :smile:


I’ll have to take your word on it. So can you enlighten me as to why the sub seems to disparage anything to do with investigating Trump’s ties to Russia?

If you search ‘Ukraine’ you get nothing but Biden smearing, and supporting Trump’s allegations; which is curious considering the crazy shit that’s been revealed about Trump’s administration this month. Why is Biden such a big target for them?

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You indeed will have to take my word. I’m a sci-fi junkie. Waste Tide was the last best suggestion from this lovely place. Right now I’m on an Andrew Mayne kick.

You ask 2 questions. 1) The title of the sub is Way of the Bern. Why would it concern itself with Trump and Russia when there are other subs devoted to that, not to mention the corporate media’s avid focus? The sub is a place to talk about Bernie and his often anti-corporate policies. 2) Biden was included on polls before he even declared, indicating he’s the DNC favorite like your HRC before him. At the same time, he is the closest thing to Trump on the DNC smorgasbord: a loose cannon with racist tendencies. But I am not sure why you focus on him, exactly. We discuss policies and the characters of all the other candidates, including Warren and Gabbard.

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