Bernie Sanders raises $18.2m from 525,000 small-money donors (including me)


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The average donation was $20

That mean… I do not think it means what you think it means. Median maybe?


That’s incredibly impressive & good for him. I’m a Harris supporter & donor at this point, and hope the ridiculously large field gets narrowed to four of five folks relatively soon so Democrats can start having more substantive discussion and moving whoever gets the nomination into the best possible position.

And as was pointed out above, that math doesn’t check out if the average donation was actually $20, does it?

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Meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron, French God-Emperor, raised 6.8million Euros from barely a thousand people, for his campaign.


I donated to Bernie as well and will vote for Bernie in the primary. However, I will vote for the Democrat in the election whoever it is. Even the most centrist Dem is 100 times better than the nightmare we currently have.


Taking only small-money donations seems like the best way to go from both the point of view of PR and economies of scale. Even better if they explicitly reject big-money donations from corporations, lobbying groups, and conservative-leaning PACs.


Our family sent our entire Federal tax refund, $231.00.

@281 Have evidence to back that up with? I won’t hold my breath…


I’m glad the left has such a wide range of quality candidates.

You don’t need someone who would be 82 by the end of their first term.

We need someone who can go the full eight years to correct this course before it’s far too late.

Biden can also step aside.

They are draining money that could be put to far better use for the main race which should not be so difficult to win but will take everything anyway because half this country is insane.


“Bernie Sanders raises $18.2m from 525,000 small-money donors”

Well, he is getting close to retirement age…


they need to change the rules to use a run-off election or something. way too many candidates right now. if there’s no truly standout candidate – it seem it’s going to be essentially random.


bernie’s just doing what any orange-colored, small-handed, covfefe drinking patriot would do.

oh… shoot. am i thinking of somebody different? that guy who was president once? give me a minute. i’ve got this one. didn’t he get locked up?




Average’ doesn’t necessarily refer specifically to the mean as people believe. The median fits right into the concept.


I’m looking at the numbers beyond just the immediate dollar figure, and it’s not as rosy a picture as it seems. Sanders was going for a Million Donors, he barely broke over half that. They expected a massive influx of new donors, they managed only 20%, which is an extremely bad sign for base-building, especially when you have other candidates in the race whose new-donor figures are approaching 80-90%. They were very much planning for at least $28m(Breaking Obama’s $26m, if you don’t account for inflation, from 2007), and they fell way short, and are only hitting $28m cash on hand due to rollovers from his prior campaigns - bad news for someone who, during his last attempt at campaigning, spent more per voter in the primary than any other candidate.

I mean, yeah, wahey, Money For Bernie, it’s a somewhat impressive figure. But let’s face it, fundraising only matters if you don’t have enough money, and once you do, everything past that is just cream - Bernie may have been a big spending the past, but I’m sure he could cut back if he needed to, and Plenty of big-earning and big-spending campaigns have lost badly. But at this point, the numbers beyond the big one indicate some problems that the Sanders campaign is going to need to overcome, or it’s simply going to die on the vine - be happy with the dollar amount, but don’t think that’s the end of it, there’s still work to do.


FTA: “The campaign fell short of its goal of collecting 1 million contributions by the deadline, and instead brought in about 900,000 contributions from its donors.” – i get why headline writers keep focusing on the 525,000 number, because those are the small-dollar donors, but falling short of one million total donors by 100,000 is pretty damn impressive to me. i didn’t donate because i’m in a money pinch right now, but as soon as i can, i’m definitely going to. of course, i’m voting for anyone who gets the nomination… i’m liking Warren, Beto and Buttagieg as well.


I look forward to him releasing the 10 years of tax returns he promised back in February.


I will be donating to Mayor Pete, cause President Pete just has a nice ring to it :slight_smile:


Yeah, I saw that, It says 900,000 Contributions. It points out literally in the first line that the number of donors is 525,000. Number of contributions is meaningless - If I donate $400 split up as one $200 donation, and 200 $1 donations, that means I would personally account for 201 contributions. It’s a dick-waving figure, not one that matters. Especially when they spent 2016 building and 2018/19 continuing a culture among supporters of giving multiple small donations in the place of single larger donations - because it makes that dick-waving figure look better. It’s shit for the ads, and it’s nothing new - hell, I remember when Ron Paul(and supporters) was trying to pull this shit in 2008 and 2012.

Frankly, I’m not sure what reason you think it is that they’re focusing on the half-million figure, but I’ll tell you what the reason is, and hope the two match up -The reason that headline writers keep focusing on the 525,000 figure is because it’s the one that matters. Donations don’t vote, Donors do. It doesn’t matter if he got a hundred thousand, or five hundred thousand, or a million, or eighteen million contributions of a buck each, because unless you’ve got the donors and not just the donations, you’re still running short.


tRump you’re taking about, Right?


DAVENPORT, IA—Asserting he could fund his campaign just fine no matter how small the contributions were, increasingly cocky presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced Tuesday he would no longer be accepting any donations in excess of 27 cents.

“Maybe some of my opponents are comfortable courting big donors who will give them 15, even 20 bucks, but as long as I’m in this race, anyone who hands me a dollar bill will immediately be handed 73 cents in change,” said the Vermont senator, who during a rally at a municipal auditorium expressed complete confidence that he could fund his organization all the way through the 2020 general election with nothing but the loose change in his supporters’ pockets.

“Right now, if you have a quarter and a nickel in the ashtray of your car out in the parking lot, give that to me, and I’ll give you three pennies back. That’s all I need to put the people back in charge of this country. But if you have any big glass jars full of change, save those for the Coinstar machine, because the presidency of the United States should never be for sale.”

An hour after finishing his speech, Sanders was spotted hanging around in the lobby and helping people break tens and twenties so they could use a nearby soda machine.