Best 7 optical illusions of 2015

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That cat one got me thinking: is it an optical illusion if there’s just not enough information to tell what something is, either way?

In the cat one, I think there are enough cues that you could reasonably tell, but what about something like a really up-close shot of a few tiles? “Floor or ceiling? You won’t believe the CRAZY optical illusion that’s stumping the internet.”


“Optical illusion”, oh yeah it is!


The cat/stairs one is easy: it’s going down stairs. You can tell because the treads are plainly visible.


And the mortar in the wall above each tread.


The “field of sheep” one infuriates me. It’s just a low-res and/or blurry image, then a detail/enlargement of the full picture. Like saying:

This was painted by a famous artist! Who it is may shock you!




An Alaskan optometrist – now that’s an optical Aleutian.


Well played.

See, every UK reader looked at that picture of the woman with the glass and went “holy shit, it’s the chuckle brothers!”.
I had to read the article to find out that it kinda, sorta looks like there’s a penis sticking out of the glass.
No I’m not going to explain the chuckle brothers to you. Some kinds of national shame shouldn’t be shared.

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Jimmy Durante seems especially impressed with the lady’s libation.

Do government and corporate transparency count as optical illusions?

the trick is that the cat is not alive, but the house is!

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Best 7, as judged by whom?

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The headline says 7 illusions, but I only see two. Is that supposed to be an illusion in itself?

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