Best friends for 60 years learn they're biological brothers through DNA site

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No need for a second opinion before racing off to the teevee cameras.

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So what was the story, same mother so one was given up for adoption? So many questions still.

I don’t often watch it, but I did see an episode of Finding Your Roots on PBS where they scour legal documents and church documents to find celebrity ancestry. The episode I saw had Bryant Gumbel and a couple other news ladies. Gumbel got his ancestry traced back a couple generations, including where they got the Gumbel family name, which was from a German Jew. Neat stuff.

It’s fun following the different branches of your family tree. For the past couple winters I’ve been looking for my direct paternal ancestor’s origin in Ireland. I’m stuck because he was born in India to an Irishman and a Scottish woman. I’ve used my own DNA to narrow it down to the northwest counties. On my mom’s side I’ve been wandering through the British Isles and Prussia. Trying to read that fraktur sux!

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