(In)famous Relatives?


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Anybody else have relatives who are notable enough to have wikipedia entries?

Allegedly I’m related to this chap.

Did you ever want to play questions?

I may have mentioned this, but I am a direct male descendent of king/prince john. You know, the bloke that was so mediocre they were forced to write the magna carta. I saw an ‘original’ (there are like 13) in 2009, and exclaimed at Salisbury, “DADDY!!”.

Any other good ones?


This isn’t the photo (I really need to dig them up again) but my paternal… Err… Grandfather (??it is complicated) pulled something remarkably similar to this.

Only longer.


Alcohol may have been involved.


Let me consult ancestry.com

Surely there’s some famous people in there…


I guess I have found a long lost relative. (Its you, and my name is jeremy as well)


@glennf used to have his own wiki page…


Most of Western Europe is descended from Charlemagne-- it’s just that very few of us are silly enough to document it.


Well, it was the platagenets I was referring to. They are a fun load of weirdness :slight_smile:


Nice to meet you!


I suspect this guy may also be a relative, although I haven’t bothered looking into it.


Ooh, John Endecott. Salem witch trials.




My brother (who compiles all this stuff) has been known to call this guy “Uncle Dickon”


Oh god, I am getting silly again… I promise this won’t happen again.

(Fresh horse!!)


I am directly descendant from someone more recently (relatively) notable, famous rather than infamous:

One original early-model car is still in the family (and has been in race reenactments including in England, driven by someone I see every Christmas) but it’s in storage in Rhode Island (where I don’t live) and I haven’t ever seen it myself (my mom went to the race in England, I was pretty young at the time, if/when they do it again I’m definitely going) although I’ve seen others in museums.


I never got the fascination with ancestry. I don’t care one iota who my great great great grandparents were. I barely had any connection with my actual grandparents, anything beyond that is just random people in the world from my perspective.

Maybe that sounds kind of cranky, but immediate family, I am a huge fan of. To be clear.

Beyond that critical single degree of immediate family connection, it’s just a bunch of people you randomly share DNA with, like every other human ever born.


But… But… you share slightly more DNA with those people than random strangers! That makes them super special.


I got ancestors that go back to colony times in the USA so I am distantly related to a crap ton of people sadly someteen something related to the Bush family, ewww.
These guys

are more directly related on my dad’s mother’s side of things.


I’m pretty sure the amount of ancestors you have means that just about everyone white is related to most European historical figure from about a thousand years back.

But WTF do I know. I’m from a long line of nobodies, who never did anything. :laughing:


Meh I kinda feel the same, but it can also be an interesting history lesson into everyday life of the past as well. My wife is a bit interested in it and we have learned a few neat things.