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One of the most popular beginner’s texts on the Internet starts thus:

“Некоторые иностранцы думают, что в России медведи ходят по улицам. Конечно, это неправда! Медведи живут в лесу и не любят людей.” (Many foreigners think that in Russia bears walk the streets. Of course this isn’t true. Bears live in the woods and don’t like people.)

An awful lot of Russians seem to have taken this as a challenge and are determined to prove it as wrong as possible. Perhaps there will be a revision.


This one reminds me of Wojtek, only its a dirty Russian, and not a Pole with the bear.



Russia 2016 seems a lot like Flint Michigan in the movie Semi-pro which is set in the 70s…



Not just Russians and bears, but Russians and bears cosplay, too.
I’m digging the romantic fairy-tale photos…


Internet search for ‘Russian Bears’ does not always return what was expected.


In Soviet Russia, bear acts (better than) you.


Really? I tried it and I got an entire Google page about actual bears in Russia, their treatment and so on.
Are you sure you didn’t have a Freudian slip and type in “bare Russians?”


It’s cute and all, but doesn’t such socialization pose serious problems to the survival of the bear population, as well as to the safety of the locals? There are strict regulations about interacting with the bears in Yellowstone for that reason.


Long day… Umm, err it’s possible.


It’s not only possible, it’s probable!


Defanged and declawed?


That first video is kinda skeevy, man.


I thought you meant;



I love that MST3k episode. Such a strange film!


Heh. A recent gag with my SO. I deal with cold much better than her (she grew up in a tropical climate and very skinny, and I am pretty much European, partly Russian and grew up in the midwest), and so I joke in a bad Russian accent, “Am strong, like Bear.”

So, one time, she brings up a photo of leather clad “Bears” and says, “ORLY?”

“Am strong like Bear, but am not Bear.”

Ehhh, maybe you had to be there.


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