Bear investigates police officers loitering on the side of the road


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He’s just looking for their pic-i-nik basket. After all, he is smarter than the average bear.


“Just exercising my right to bear arms, officers. Here they are. Both of `em tipped with razor sharp claws. Now gimme them sammiches.”


At one time I saw a gif of a bison sticking its head into a drivers’ side window, but I can’t find it again. “May I see your license and registration please.”

eta: I wonder what made the bear lose interest so quickly?

eta: “In Soviet Russia, your pic-a-nic basket is for bear?”


I kept expecting him to get shot, it’s not like he’s a polar bear.


If he’d been a black bear it would have been a sad situation.


I see what you did there.


Speaking Russian.

Video from inside car.



How much more Rusdian can this video get?


Vodka’s a pretty common stereotype, but I wouldn’t personally want to get a bear drunk. :bear:


he had a bee buzz buzz asking for the honey money back


If it was Wojtek, he would have ripped out those Russians!


I was thinking that bear was lucky to be alive until I realized the video wasn’t from the US.


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