Alaska troopers want to know why idiot in bear suit is harassing grizzlies

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Bears take great insult to imposters!

Not too surprising, when I remember Alaska as one of those places where most of the people I met were basically running away from other places.


Maybe it’s a particularly complex form of suicide.


“…was able to move the mother bear out of the way,…”

Unless the bear was familiar with him and didn’t feel threatened, I’m not sure how he was able to move a mother bear protecting cubs.

I never worried about running into bears in Alaska unless I saw cubs, then I was very cautious of my movements.

Alaska is the only place I know of where the park rangers will ask you if you have a gun, and when you say yes, and show it to them, they tell you it is not big enough.


I hear they do something like that in Australia. At least back in the 80s they did.

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“You have the license plate number, you figure it out” Sounds like someone stole a car, and is hoping the car’s owner will be framed for the crime.

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Legally speaking, the only part of that costume explicitly protected by the Constitution is the sleeves.



Hi! Alaskan here. Wasn’t running from anything. Moved here by choice --from Florida. Wait… Nevermind. Omigod, look-at-that-man-in-a-bear-suit!!!


This is one of those situations that resolves itself isn’t it?

But the rangers & friends are right, besides the stress it is well known that salmon is way healthier than eating idiot.


Yup. Seems like a self-correcting problem alright.

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Gah, I was stalked once by a young black bear, and also a few years ago scared a few cubs (I was more afraid than them). Bears are awesome, but I prefer to be a few miles away from wild ones.


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