Watch this mama bear carry her cubs across a river on her back

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Cute. Last time I visited my dad showed me his “Alaskan” slide show which he has shown at some other events recently. He used to work for the Wildlife and Parts Department there, doing stuff with salmon monitoring and other stuff.

Towards the end he shows some pics of some Kodiak grizzly cubs, soon joined by the mother. He moved down the river to avoid them, and later the cubs came wondering up towards him again. He took a picture of them again, and the next picture was blurry as the mother surprised him started to chase him some.


“High fat content and oily coat”

Sounds like I should be able to float easily, too.


Out of curiosity, which animal parts did he work with?

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He measured incoming and out going salmon. He helped populate lake that was salmon free by building a fish ladder. I think that was his main duties. I know he did something with Bald Eagles once.

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… but when she reached the middle of the river, the cub suddenly raised his tail, and plunged his venomous sting into Mama Bear’s back…


Seemed more like she was getting away from the camera crew. When they land it seems they look directly at the camera before skedaddlling

If bears turn out to be problem, the correct procedure is to grab them by the scruff of their neck and hold them up at arm’s length.
In order to be able deal with larger specimens you should always carry a stepladder.


Better than a unicorn chaser.

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Little bears tend to scare me so much more than big ones. Exactly because when you can see the little ones, and not the big ones, you aren’t always sure you’re walking away from the bears.

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It’s time to throw those puppies and and let them sink or swim.

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