Betsy DeVos's summer monstrosity is pure McMansion Hell


Of that? Bwahahahahahahahahahahah. No.


You couldn’t get me to live there if you paid me. I have a hard enough time keeping a house with 1/20th of the floorspace clean and tidy. My house looks a lot nicer than that monstrosity too.


Something something… compensating… something something.

I sure hope that house gets torn down at some point because its god awful.


…in Wome?__


That kind of rich means that they have people to keep it clean. Although they probably use a “service” rather than employ servants personally. That insulates them from legal problems if any of the maids don’t have work permits.


I’m not suggesting that anyone should mail a box of 10,000 live termites to this house, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for doing it.


I know which name you want me to post…


Ugh. The only way I can describe the exterior of that building, especially from that angle, is with words like “inflamed”, “morbid”, “malignant” and quite possibly “terminal”.


Remember that $40 million yacht owned by Cruella DeVos’s family, which some heroic pirate cut loose from its moorings in Port Huron, Ohio, and set adrift in Lake Erie? Turns out it’s registered in the Cayman Islands as a tax dodge…Making America Great Again!



They only noticed now? :sunglasses:


Good for you! :+1:


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