Betsy DeVos's summer monstrosity is pure McMansion Hell

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Yet another easy target for those who may be disgruntled…


Chrissake, can you give us a link to the McMansion Hell website.


What do you want to go there for? All their content is right here on BoingBoing.


“It was a terrible, indescribable thing … a shapeless congeries of protoplasmic bubbles, faintly self-luminous, and with myriads of temporary eyes forming and un-forming as pustules of greenish light all over the … front …”

Wait, I’m sorry, I got my notes mixed up. That was H.P. Lovecraft’s description of a shoggoth, not an architect’s attempt to describe the exterior of Betsy DeVos’s mansion. But, you know, I think it’s not too wide of the mark. What do you say we run it anyway and see if anyone notices?


Now if only the writer would have included a link to the McMansion Hell website or even a link to the one that the article is quoting from.


Betsy DeVos’s father (Edgar Prince) became fabulously wealthy by working hard (started off as a blue collar worker) and worked hard starting his own business and maybe had a little luck too. But that his children flaunt obscene wealth is an argument for much stricter inheritance laws. Dick DeVos’s father (Richard DeVos) is less of a rags to riches story, but the father was a far more capable businessman than his son. Having money and keeping it is a hell of a lot easier than creating new wealth.

disclaimer: I’m from West Michigan. Where these families rule over us little peons.


@doctorow we discussed this in the other thread from the article you linked…

she literally owns ten yachts .

She DOES NOT literally own 10 yachts. Her family does. It does not make her more or less despicable for us to say the truth about her. It serves no positive purpose for you to embellish to make her seem like a worse person…she is already a worse person and your exaggeration merely allows anyone seeking to defend her to muddy the argument by pointing to what can be classified as a lie.

Either that or you and I need to talk about the use and definition of the word “literally”…but I believe you know the proper usage and definition.

As for her mcmansion of shitty taste…the location I am sure is the only saving grace of that structure. I don’t even want to call it a house, because I think it most likely does not fit any of the criteria that would make it a home.


Sure looks like a disaster in the making up on the roof. The main roof and the dome both pitch hard toward the chimney, narrow slots like that are notorious for having ice damage.


At least it looks like it’ll be underwater in a few years.

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Money != Good Taste or Good Sense, exhibit #6854321



Boat names from right to left:

“Ivy League X100”
“State School Knot 4 U”
“Community College Suckerz”


@doctorow isn’t it kind of bad internet manners to link the subject of the story’s name back to a ‘previously on this site’ page? maybe i’m naive, but i expect better from boingboing


I’m with you up to this point, having learned I was wrong about literally. Literally has (to my chagrin) been used to mean figuratively for a long, long time.


I reckon the design process could be readily likened to Homer’s exercise in car design. “I want a bathroom here, here, and here! You can never find a bathroom when you’re mad!”

I might contemplate that between this and the yacht, someone’s setting her up to fall like Pruitt, but then sitting near the top of a pyramid scheme for so long may have given her more experience in concealment.


I’m glad to see she has plenty of yacht parking. I mean how embarrassing would it be to set the self-destruct on your Summer Evil Lair and race out to your luxurious yacht to escape, only to discover all your yachts are still at your Winter Lair.


Agreed in the informal many people use it in an accepted sense to be an exaggeration. In this case though it is better IMO to simply stick to the discernible facts without exaggeration. She’s LITERALLY a pathetic excuse for a human being as is, no embellishment needed.


What about the other 3 boats?

“Charter No.1”
“Charter No.2”
“Charter No.3” (with life boat “Voucher”)


haahhhhhh, Zing!

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