Better Business Bureau yanks Wells Fargo's accreditation


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Now this is on their Permanent Record!


But but but, they’re too big to fail! Put them on Double Secret Probation


I would hope this is the least of their problems.


Somebody has to be scapegoat, or they’ll revoke the Delta’s charter, and everyone goes down.


Anyone feel like going through their list to see how many of their other member companies are completely indefensible on those standards?

I’m betting that it’s close to 100%.


I’ll take bullet points 2-4, but I always find the ones like bullet point one misleading. I work for a Big Bank. I’m not an executive, I’m in a data processing center. I donated to Bernie. If you look at his records, that’ll show up as a donation from a Big Bank employee. Does that mean he’s beholden to Big Bank now?


This is the furst time I have heard of the BBB actually doing something.


You forgot the one that the BBB cares most about: “don’t get caught”.


They won’t even blink.


…Now that is a scurrilous lie. The BBB’s MOST important standard is “The check you gave us clears.”


The real WTF in the article is that someone took a screenshot of a image editing program.


“I clicked “save” and it’s not saving as a jpeg… why can’t I open it like an image? Fuck it, where’s Paint?”


If you hold a Wells Fargo account, you should flee. That is all.

I recommend local credit unions.

P.S. The wagon’s horses have faltered. They are lame. Yer better walkin’.


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