Better than the movie? LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Wow! A whole THREE cents off! I’m going to order two.

I might even buy a PS4, just so I can save all that money.



No PC version. Hopefully this doesn’t become a thing for the lego games. It’s not like their engine doesn’t run on PC or anything.

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An additional 20% off for Prime members.

The teaser clearly advertises a PC version: it’s the first box in the row, and at the bottom of the same frame PC is the last system listed.

On a different note, a Lego Star Wars game covering only one movie?

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I imagine there will be more story padding this time around, but really their only other options were “redo the levels for Episodes 1 though 6” or “wait several years until the new trilogy is complete.” Oh well.

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BB on board!

All the Lego games are filled with these clever little things that probably only the adults pick up on, but make the games even more enjoyable. There is a good sequence of Shawshank Redemption in-jokes in Lego City Undercover…

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